Friday, August 2, 2013

If you are in dire need of getting your company onto the first page of Google in Charlotte here are some great free tips and ideas.
First things first—make sure that you have registered your business with Google places so that you can be verified as being in Charlotte.
Oh yes and don’t forget you need to have a website—I know this is obvious to most.
We have a cheat sheet on the items you need at our SEO BLOG. But in simple terms if your company is in Charlotte and you want to SEO for Charlotte you need to cover the fact that you have office in the Charlotte area and that you have made mention of this on your website and that it is in the format of text or alt text for your images.

Come back again tomorrow for some more info or join us at our free Charlotte SEO workshops next week and get a 90 min intense brain work out on the basics.